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The words "cat" & "creation"

Cat: Within our four-dimensional system and our collective experience, cats are undoubtedly first and foremost animals, and therefore natural. On the other hand, it is not difficult to find a metaphysical and an individual dimension in cats: we know that they have been worshipped as deities in ancient Egypt, and we also tend to see cats as wilful animals, especially since they are often compared to dogs, and dogs tend to be much more sociable. What seems not to be easily available is the understanding of cats as sociable, although exceptions are possible, as for example in Tom and Jerry. But a Tom-and-Jerry-cat is initially less likely to exist than a witch-cat, a catwalk or a Catwoman.

Creation: What happens with words as things can also take place with words as ideas. If cats are, first of all, natural, we think of “creation” as primarily related to the metaphysical and the individual: creation always entails an element of “ex nihilo”, of starting from scratch, getting something out of nothing, and is therefore metaphysical. That kind of metaphysics could be called a metaphysics of weirdness, for you have to be different to be able to create, and difference easily leads us to originality and therefore individuality, as in Frankenstein creating a monster. But not only, for originality also points towards origins, and basic origins are to be found in nature, so creation, although first of all anti-natural since the result of creation is something which was not before), is easily brought back to nature via individualization. Again, society seems to be the loser in this contest; even here we could imagine a “creative society” and a “creative nation”, although it would be less possible to imagine a “creative politburo”. The difference has to do with the association of society with the rules and laws necessary to maintain that which has been made. “Politburos”, our collective subconscious tells us, are ruled by old party members, are therefore rigid rather than flexible, hence not individualistic, for the word “flexibility” belongs to the individual dimension.

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