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Paradoxes concerning science

One explicit sign is that Ichabod, despite being a scientist, knows very little about nature: he is a bad rider (7: 20.24) and he does not know the ways of the forest (14: 41.07).

Ichabod’s separation from nature also works at a more metaphorical level. There is a moment in which Ichabod’s father is shown with his back to the camera, probably walking towards the torture chamber in which he kills his wife. He is inside a white chapel, and his head is hidden by a kind of half-priestly, half-aristocratic cape (16: 57.20). This makes him look like the headless horseman. Ichabod’s scientifically motivated rejection of nature makes him share more with his father’s and less with his mother’s conception of reality. By analogy, that also draws him and the science he stands for towards the headless horseman.

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