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Science: Ichabod Crane

Science is embodied in the hero of the movie, Ichabod Crane (Jonny Depp), a man who has seen his mother, a witch, die at the hands of his father, a Puritan pastor. Here we see from the beginning a dichotomy. As a reaction to his childhood experience, Ichabod rejects the supernatural, apparent in his mother’s witchcraft and his fathers Puritanism, and believes only in scientific “cause and consequence”.

Which is Ichabod’s science? Initially, and in keeping with 1799, the year the movie is set in, a science of the scientistic kind, which believes it can explain everything and which thus does not accept an explanation which takes into account the supernatural – “Murder needs no ghost come from the grave” (6: 18.06). In denying the supernatural dimension, however, Ichabod’s science looses its grip on reality.
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