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Inside Hogwarts

1 Introduction

Inside Hogwarts, Harry's association with nature and individuality on the one hand, and opposition with society on the other, is reinforced. The characters, of course, change, so the alliances and oppositions between characters change:

As we can see in the diagram, the Dursleys have been replaced by a more formidable enemy: Voldemort. He also has three groups of associates (friends, teachers and other inhabitants of Hogwarts) who in turn oppose three corresponding groups of associates of Voldemort.

But even within his group of friends (especially Ron and Hermione) oppositions build up which snugly fit into St Augustine's and Riemann's models, and which reinforce the stereotype of contemporary culture: the association of nature as present feeling and individuality. Click on the pictures below to access all these oppositions:


Harry, friends & enemies


Harry and Voldemort

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